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Our Caller and Cuer

Our cuer is Don Brown.  Don and his wife Phyllis started square dancing in 1993.  At one dance they attended they saw a different style of dancing called round dancing, and they were intrigued.  They took an introduction to rounds class at the San Antonio National Convention in 1996 and were immediately hooked, and started looking for a teacher in their area.  After dancing several years, Don felt it was time to give back to the activity that he and his wife enjoyed so much, so he decided to try his hand at cueing.  He joined Roundalab, and attended the East Coast Leaders Teaching College in 2003.  While his wife doesn’t dance anymore, she still supports him in his efforts to teach and cue.  He currently teaches beginners through Phase 5, with Bonnie Lawrence, and cues for 2 square dance clubs.  He has cued and taught at several Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky state conventions,  as well as written, cued and taught dances for the National Square Dance Convention.  He still enjoys square dancing and dances at an A-2 level.  For more information on Don, click here.

Our Caller is Gary Hutton. He also cues our Round dances and line dances sometimes as well. He has been calling since 2005.  With a wonderful music background in which he had 10 years of piano and 7 years of clarinet, he really enjoyed music of all varieties.  He and his wife, Deb square danced after they were married for about a year until Deb got pregnant and then square dancing was put on a ‘back burner’.  While dancing for that year the ‘caller bug’ had bitten Gary and he knew one day he would have to follow that path.


So while re-acquainting themselves with square dancing in 2003 and taking lessons again, he decided to go ahead and accept his ‘calling’ and become a square dance caller.  Over the years he has been involved one way or another with some sort of square dance activity.  In 2005 he took classes at the Allegheny Callers School in Oil City, PA and from there his experience and knowledge has grown.  To see a full list of all his accomplishments, click  here.