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Square Dance Lessons

Riley Wranglers lessons begin Wednesday, September 16 and continue through April.  Lessons are from 7 to 9 PM at Cumberland United Methodist Church, 219 N Muessing St., Cumberland, IN.  The first lesson is free, and lessons after that are $4 per person.  If possible, bring a partner.  For more information, e-mail us at rileywranglers@juno.com or call  765-763-6289.

Square dancing is where 4 couples dance in a ‘square’.  A couple consists of a man and a woman and they are also considered ‘partners’.  A square consists of one couple stationed on each of the four sides of the square. Everyone starts by facing the center of the square. Each couple consists of a man and a woman with the man standing on the left. The actual sex of the dancer is unimportant as long as everyone remembers who is the "boy" and who is the "girl". Each member of a couple is the other member's partner. The lady on a man's left is his corner, and likewise the man on a lady's right is her corner. Couples are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 starting with the couple closest to the caller and moving counterclockwise. Couples 1 and 3 are the heads (which usually either have their back to the caller or are standing facing the caller), and 2 and 4 are the sides.


From this formation all types of ‘calls’ can be made.  Examples of calls you would hear could be in the list below.  Just remember–when watching square dancing it may look complex, but in actuality it is a series of ‘small’ moves called and said together to make a flow of movements.  

More Information on Square Dancing

Allemande Left

Circle Left / Circle Right

Courtesy Turn


Forward & Back


Examples of Square Dance Calls

Pass Thru


Right and Left Grand

Stars (Right-hand / Left-hand)

Swing Thru

Weave the Ring

Graduation Pictures

Click here for an animated view of all types of Square Dance Calls

Graduation is Fun!